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Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2017

The regular meeting of the Bacliff Municipal Utility District was called to order at 6:00pm on July 10, 2017 at the Districts regular meeting place at the District Office, 4302 12th Street, Bacliff, Texas by President Brad Bingham.

Board Members:

Present: Brad Bingham, Dale Patterson, Don Rodgers,
Victor Medina, Tony Poynor

Also present were: James Wistinghausen, General Manager, Yvonne Manis, Office Manager, Steve Don Carlos, Districts Attorney, Ron Bavarian, Districts Engineer

Guest Present:
John Wade

Call Meeting to order

The meeting was called to order and everyone stood for the Pledge to the Flag

Approval of Minutes of the June 12, 2017 Meeting

A motion was made by Don Rodgers to approve the Minutes of the June 12, 2017 meeting seconded by Tony Poynor. Motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Financial Reports

A motion was made by Victor Medina to approve the Financial Reports and Bills paid of the previous month seconded by Don Rodgers. Motion carried unanimously.

Public Comment

John Wade asked if the electric sign was fixed. The sign dealer replaced the computer and other parts to make sure there is no more problems. We have to purchase a backup battery to keep it on when we have bad weather and light outages. The District now has a local person to contact for repairs. He had a question regarding the phone numbers for the District in case of an emergency. James will be looking into this matter.

Emin Duskic Request to Address the Board

Emin Duskic was not present.

Bond Construction Payment #20 to R & B Group, Inc., for New 1.0MG Ground Storage Tank & Water Plant Improvements.

No motion was made to table the Bond Construction Payment #20 to R & B Group, Inc., for New 1.0MG Ground Storage Tank & Water Plant Improvements until payment due.

Engineers Report

Engineer Ron Bavarian reported that Matt and R & B contractors have been working with the vendors on the issue with some of the brick, seems the chemical used to wash the brick stained some. The vendor is working on cleaning up this issue. This is the last thing on the list to be done. Mark up plan is coming along well. The big question is the retainer. How much damage Bacliff has to pay, prolonging construction has raised Engineers cost and other expenses.

Water and Sewer Report

James Wistinghausen presented the Water and Sewer report to the board. He discussed the District starting on Phase 18, to replace and work on service lines and sewer mains.

New and Old Business

There was discussion regarding the work on Grand Avenue, at this time there has been no updates on the progress.

Recess into Executive Session

The Board went into recess at 6:34pm and returned to regular meeting at 6:42pm to act on matters discussed in Executive Session.

Vote on Discussed Executive Session

The Board had no matters discussed in Executive Session to vote on.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:44 P.M. by Don Rodgers, seconded by Victor Medina. Motion carried unanimously.

Approved by: Brad Bingham, President