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Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes
June 11, 2018
The regular meeting of the Bacliff Municipal Utility District was called to order at 6:00pm on June 11, 2018 at the Districts regular meeting place at the District Office, 4302 12th Street, Bacliff, Texas by President Brad Bingham.

Board Members:

Present: Dale Patterson, Don Rodgers, Brad Bingham
Tony Poynor, Victor Medina

Also present were: James Wistinghausen, General Manager,Yvonne Manis, Office Manager, Steve Don Carlos, Districts Attorney, Ron Bavarian, District's Engineers

Guest Present:
Traci Poynor, John Wade, Shannon Kitchens, Misael Flores, Chris Parker

Call Meeting to order

The meeting was called to order and everyone stood for the Pledge to the Flag

Approval of Minutes of the May 14, 2018 Meeting

A motion was made by Victor Medina to approve the Minutes of the May 14, 2018 meeting seconded by Don Rodgers. Motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Financial Reports

A motion was made by Tony Poynor to approve the Financial Reports and Bills paid of the previous month seconded by Victor Medina, Motion carried unanimously.

Public Comment

John Wade spoke of the District finances and Bond questions. He asked the Board Members how often they inspect the operations around the District. Dale stated he comes by often, at least once a week. Some of the others said they speak to James and stop by if there is a problem or question. They put their trust in the managers that they hire.

Open Bids on Phase 18 Collection System Rehabilitation

Board Members opened Bids. IPR(PM Construction) $424,823.40, Horseshoe Construction $481,275.00, CZ Construction $310,887.00, Nerie Construction $324,785.40, Texas Pride Utilities $272,900.00, R.S. Smoke Test & Multi-Services $496,260.40,T Construction $364,102.00, King Solution Services $285,881.00, Vortex Turnkey Solutions $289,849.00, AR Turnkee Construction $806,764.00 a motion was made by Dale Patterson to accept the lowest bid pending Ron Bavarians approval and seconded by Tony Poynor. Motion carried unanimously.

District Financial Advisor Contract

Steve Don Carlos spoke about Terrell Palmer leaving First Southwest (Hilltop Securities the company the District has done business with for many years) and started his own business Post Oak Municipal Advisors. Misael Flores and Chris Parker attended the meeting to represent Mr. Palmer who was unable to attend. Mr. Flores and Mr. Parker spoke with the Board Members. A motion was made by Dale Patterson to Table the discussion until they were able to meet with the Representative from Hilltop Security that holds our contract at this time. seconded by Don Rodgers. Motion carried unanimously.

Bacliff Vol. Fire Department 2017 Tax Return & Review

Fire Chief James Wistinghausen stated the Fire Department was able to finish paying off the 2010 Fire Truck last year. They financed a new Brush Truck. A vote was made by Dale Patterson to accept the Bacliff Vol. Fire Dept. 2017 Tax Return & Review Report as presented, seconded by Tony Poynor.

Engineers Report

Engineer Ron Bavarian discussed the Wastewater renewal permit application it is complete and was posted and now waiting on TCEQ for the Permit. The Bid Process for Phase 18 went really well.

Water and Sewer Report

James Wistinghausen presented his Water and Sewer report to the board. There was no violation last month.

New and Old Business

Steve Don Carlos, Districts Attorney spoke to the Board regarding the Case on Thomas Charles Kelly. He advised of the situation since the District had last tried to work with Mr. Kelly. He advised the District to proceed with Legal Action. a motion was made by Don Rodgers to Retain the law firm of McLeod, Alexander, Powel & Apffel, P.C. to represent Bacliff MUD Re: Thomas Charles Kelly and seconded by Victor Medina. Motion carried unanimously.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:38 P.M. by Don Rodgers, seconded by Dale Patterson. Motion carried unanimously.

Approved by: Brad Bingham, President