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Bond Election
Special Meeting
Oct. 24,2011 6:30pm
Bacliff Vol.Fire Dept.
600 Grand Ave

Early Voting
Oct.24,-Nov. 4,2011
Bacliff MUD Office
M-F 7am-4pm

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Bacliff Municipal Utility District, Galveston County, Texas
November 8, 2011 Bond Election

Water Supply Improvements
Proposed $8.950 Million Bond Election

The proposed $8.950 million Bond Election is to improve water storage, supply, and certain transmission lines. Below is a brief description of items proposed to implement this improvement:

1.750,000-Gallon Elevation Storage Tank The existing 250,000-gallon elevated storage tank is over 30 years old and under capacity to meet TCEQs recommended elevated storage for number of connections District currently has. The recommended rate is 100 gallons per connection. District currently has 2,700 connections. Therefore, tank is under capacity by approximately 20,000 gallon per day. Additionally, it does not have reserved capacity to meet future growth. Back in 2005 a preliminary study was conducted for the additional storage. Different options including a second tank or new larger tank were studied. Additionally, the cost of coating tank will be very expensive. It is recommended that a 750,000-gallon composite tank be installed and existing tank removed. The composite tanks have a concrete shaft with steel storage container thus requiring less future maintenance.

2.Two 500,000-Gallon Ground Storage Tanks The existing tank is over 45 years old and in need of serious roof repair. It is proposed that this ground storage tank be replaced with a new 500,000-gallon tank and a second one built on same site to increase total storage capacity and also provide alternate tank in case one is down for repairs.

The current water storage capacity of District is 750,000 gallons (500,000 gallons in ground storage and 250,000 gallons in elevated storage). This amounts to only one day of demand. The current drought has proven that demand is consistently at or above this amount, putting District in serious situation if water supply is interrupted or a major fire puts a heavy demand on the system. With new elevated and ground storage tanks, the storage capacity will be 1.75 million gallons which provides approximately 2-day storage. During design, based on available space, alternative will be studied to see if a 1 million gallon ground storage can be placed on site instead of two .5 million gallon tanks.

3.Remove Existing Ground Storage Tank. As mentioned above, the existing tank is very old, and in need of serious repair. The repair could easily cost well over $400,000 which would include new roof and new coating system. This, in the long run, is not economical because tank is nearly 45 years old and foundation has settled. It is therefore recommended that this tank be removed to make room for a new tank.

4.Remove Existing 250,000-Gallon Elevated Storage Tank. As mentioned in Item 1, the existing tank is under capacity to meet current and future demands. Additionally, tank is in need of new coating system would will be very expensive since it is all steel. It is recommended that this tank be removed to make room for the new 750,000-gallon composite tank.

5.Pump Station Improvements. The 3 existing pumps are from 1960s and 1980s, refurbished over the years. It is proposed to replace these pumps with new pumps with higher capacity.

6.Existing Control Building. It is proposed that current building be modified to make room for new pumps and controls. To accomplish this, it would require relocation of District office to a new location.

7.Removal of Existing Metal Building. To make room for addition tanks, the existing metal building needs to be removed. A new metal building can be installed at Wastewater Treatment Plant site or other location.

8.Miscellaneous Site Work. This work will include but not limited to improvements to existing site such as fencing, gate, drainage, driveway, etc.

9.New District Office. As mentioned previously, to make room for pumps and controls, the District office is proposed to be relocated to a new site, possibly across from current location. The current building does not meet American Disability Act requirements. Also, building does not have a public room and access for Board Meetings and other public activities such as voting. It also needs to provide better privacy, confidentiality, and security for District records and employees.

10.Transmission & Distribution Line Improvements A budget of $350,000 is proposed to make certain improvements on the line coming out of the plant and the relocation of an 8 line along FM 646, west of SH 146.

11.Land Acquisition. This land would be for the new District Offices to allow the above water supply improvements to occur on current site and provide more current offices to meet the needs of District.

The total project cost including design, construction, contingency, legal, financial, etc. is estimated at $8.950 million.

Early Voting at Bacliff MUD office

Oct. 24, 2011 - Nov. 4, 2011

Water Bond Election