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Billing Rules and Regulations

Bills are mailed out no later than the last working day of each month. If not Received by the third or fourth,
please call 281-339-1634 or 281-339-2461.

Bills due on the tenth of each month

After the 10th 10% late penalty charged NO grace period

A service fee if paid after the 19th of the Month

Cut-off date – 20th of each month

Notice: We do not send second notices or knock on doors.

Customers that have a dispute over their bill have the right to appear before the board, the 2nd Monday of each month. To make arrangements, please contact the Office at (281) 339-1634.

Service Fee-$20.00-If not Paid by the 19th of each Month

Disconnect Fee -Additional $30.00 if Disconnected/As of May 2021 

Locked Meter Fee – $35.00 / if meter is turned on after we disconnect for non-payment

Broken Lock Fee – $35.00

Pulled meter – $50.00

Broken Cut-off Valve – $50.00-$75.00

We have a 24hr night drop box in drive-thru for your convenience.

There is a $1.00 charge for paying bill without statement.

Payments received by mail are checked for postmarks in regard to Late penalties. If postmarked on or before the 10th, no late penalty is charged. If the 10th falls on the weekend, you have until 4:30pm Monday to pay without late penalty. 

If the amount due is not paid by the 10th, the computer will automatically add the late penalty on that months bill.

Trash pick-up $17.75 will be billed in all residential sewer units as of 03/01/22. 

Trash service By Decker Dispose-All 281-559-4939

Utility Companies servicing this area:

Reliant Energy (electric) 713-207-7777

 Center Point (gas) 281-471-4333

Verizon (telephone) 1-800-483-5400

Bill-Pay on-line @  

Automated Phone Payment @ 281-377-9010

Insta-pay with phone or IPad

No payments on-line after the 19th without calling the office first.

Plumbing Rules and Regulations for the Water & Sewer Systems of Bacliff Municipal Utility District

Updated March 2022

All fees must be paid before work is started

3/4″ water tap $1,500.00 ——– must get Bldg.Permit-Co.Eng’s Office

4″ sewer tap $1,500.00 ——– before taps/(before moving trailer in)

Sewer Inspection $50.00 

Customer Service Inspection $100

Returned Check Fee $25.00 

Increased by $25.00 With cause  (if two checks are returned payment must be cash or money order)

Transfer Fee $15.00 

Deposits: $175.00 as of 2/1/16 


1-10 units $200.00, 10 & over $500.00 

Will not accept on line payment on cut off day

Locked Meter (additional) $35.00

Pulled Meter $50.00 

Capping of sewer line On private property cost $25.00 +

Larger taps available/ 1″, 1 1/2″, 2″ prices vary

**Must submit copy of deed when applying for taps**  

3/4″ water tap, 4″ sewer tap will be made approximately 6-8 weeks from time of application. Taps will be placed at property line anywhere as long as they are at least 10 feet apart and not under the driveway. 

Put stakes marked water and sewer. Do not lay sewer line until tap is completed.

Base rate amount 0-2,000 gallons $17.00 sewer charge per Living Unit. 

$7.00 volunteer fire dept. Charge was approved by the vote of residents on May 4, 2002/$20.00 commercial as of January 2006.

$1.75 street light charge was approved by the vote of residents on  Nov. 1999 .   

Every living unit must have its own water meter.

Bacliff MUD must have access to meter at all times.

Note: before water meter can be installed or water service is started a deposit must be made on all accounts. If a deposit is not put up and water is found to be used a $200.00 or more deposit will be required.

Restaurants must install a grease trap to the districts specifications. Check with The Districts Superintendent. 

Inspection: The Superintendent or his assistant shall be given notice when work is completed and ready for inspection. All work must be left uncovered and convenient for examination until inspected and approved. The persons laying the lines shall remove and repair any defective material or workmanship when ordered by the Districts Superintendent.

No persons, firm, or organization shall connect to or any way tamper with the Districts main lines. The District will itself extend services to the customers property lines  easement lines.

State law for dumpsters: The Health District requires dumpsters to be placed on cement slabs and tied into the sewer system as required by the state law for dumpsters at restaurants and grocery stores. A $10.00 sewer charge per month will be imposed.

Note: Anyone pouring concrete over the districts main water and sewer lines or encasing water meters and a problem arises, it will be the responsibility of the owner to make lines and meter accessible to the district at the owners expense.

Anyone failing to comply with these requirements are subject to be fined up to $200.00 for the violation. The District also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone not in compliance with these Rules and Regulations.

Fire plugs are absolutely off limits to anyone other than District Employees and the Bacliff V.F.D. Firemen—all others will be prosecuted.

Security deposits remain on account until closed as of January 2016


Must have address on each residence & be visible from street.