To: The Board of Directors of the Bacliff Municipal Utility District, Galveston County, Texas, and to all other interested parties. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors of the Bacliff Municipal Utility District will hold a regular meeting Monday, December 10, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. at the Bacliff Water District Office, located at 4302 12th Street. Bacliff, Texas for the purpose of consideration and action upon the following matters.

1) Call Meeting to Order 

2) Approve the minutes of the  November 12, 2018   Meeting

3) Approve the Financial Reports and Checks as listed for bills in  November, 2018.

4) Public Comment


 5) Approval of LOGIC Investment Pool as an Authorized Investment

6) Discuss/Approve Review of the Investment Polices.

6) Discuss/Approve Phase 18 Collection Payment of $270,257.70 for Final & Retainage Payment to King Solution Services, LLC

7) Engineers Report

8) Water & Plant line report

9) Discuss New And Old Business

14) Adjournment


James Wistinghausen ,General Manager 


December 5, 2018 

Yvonne Manis

Office Manager  

Special Meeting Minutes & Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2018



The regular meeting of the Bacliff Municipal Utility District was called to order at 6:00pm on  October 10, 2018 at the Districts regular meeting place at the District Office, 4302 12th Street, Bacliff, Texas by President  Brad Bingham

Board Members: 


 Brad Bingham ,Dale Patterson, Don Rodgers, Victor Medina, Tony Poynor 

Also present were: James Wistinghausen, General Manager,  Steve Don Carlos, District’s Attorney,  Ron Bavarian, Districts Engineer, Trina Alexander, Office Billing Supervisor  


Guest Present: John Wade, Shannon Kitchens, Traci Poynor 

Call Meeting to order 

The meeting was called to order and everyone stood for the Pledge to the Flag

Approval of Minutes of the September 10, 2018 Meeting

A motion was made by Don Rodgers to approve the Minutes of the August 13, 2018 meeting, seconded by Victor Medina. Motion carried unanimously. 

Approval of Financial Reports

A motion was made by Tony Poynor to approve the Financial Reports and Bills paid of the previous month seconded by Victor Medina . Motion carried unanimously.

 Public Comment  


John Wade asked if the District has any new information regarding trimming the trees around the street lights. He asked the status on the sign. He talked about the hole on  Houx Street needing to be filled. James said we will take care of that. Talked about the Plumbing Ordinance. Had questions about Estes Park, and the County property. He recommends a spicket be installed there. Per Steve Don Carlos the County needs to make application.

Shannon Kitchens spoke about the Annexation meeting she attended. 

Change in District Ordinance 2018-002 

The Board discussed and a motion was made by Dale Patterson to Table the Ordinance Changes until next Month., seconded by Don Rodgers. Motion carried unanimously. 

Change Order for Engineers

Ron Bavarian, Districts Engineer went over the changes. A motion was made by Don Rodgers to approve the Changes to the Payment for Freese and Nichols for the Water Supply Improvement Bond Project seconded by Tony Poynor. Motion carried unanimously.

 Engineers Report 

Engineer Ron Bavarian stated the sewer permit from TCEQ should be on the way.

 Water and Sewer Report 

James Wistinghausen presented his Water and Sewer report to the board. He stated there have been various violations this month due to rain. Tony ask him about manholes and sewer drains in heavy rain. John ask about open lines on houses torn down. He stated we try to keep up with it. Ron explained we have replaced 50-60 % main lines

   New and Old Business

None at this time

Recess into Executive Session

The Board went into Executive session for discussion.

Vote on anything discussed in executive session

After coming out of recess a motion was made by Don Rodgers to authorize legal action against Superior Signs, Steve recommended lawyer McLeod Alexander to represent us and seconded by Victor Medina. Motion carried unanimously


Meeting was adjourned at 6:38 P.M. by Victor Medina, seconded by Tony Poynor. Motion carried unanimously. Don Rodgers

Approved by:Brad Bingham, President