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How do I apply for water service in Bacliff, TX

Come into our office location 4302 12th Street, Brick Building with the Flag pole across from the water tower and fill out an application. 

2. Is there a deposit required?

Yes. A $175.00 deposit is required for residential service only. We only accept check ,cash or money orders in the Office for your deposit. 

3. Is there anyway the deposit can be waived?

No. Each account requires a new deposit

4. Is the deposit refundable?

No.It will be applied to your final bill and the refund will be mailed to the forwarding address provided by the customer. 

5. Is there a deposit for commercial service?

Yes. The minimum deposit for commercial accounts is $200.00. 

6. Are deposits for commercial accounts refundable?

No. The deposit will be applied to final charges when a disconnect is requested, and account closed.

7. I am leasing and need water service, what documents do I need?

A current lease agreement and current US Photo identification. 

8. I am purchasing property and need water service, what documents do I need?

Closing/settlement papers and current US Photo identification. 

9. I need water service for a commercial property, what documents do I need?

Tax Id number, a lease agreement if leasing,closing or settlement papers if property is purchased, and proof of identification. 

10. Is garbage pick up included when signing up for water service?

Yes. Garbage pick up is included. Trash service is provided by Decker Dispose All at this time. You will need to furnish your own Trash Can. 

11. Can I apply for water service over the phone?

No. We can provide you with an application by fax or email, or you will need to come in to our location at 4302 12th Street, Bacliff

12. Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. You may go to our Home Page to pay your water bill.

13. Can I view my bill online?

Yes.  You may go to our website at bacliffmud.net to view your bill online. 

14. What are your hours of operation?

Monday-Thursday from 7:00am- 11:30 -12::00-4:30pm Friday 7:00am-11:00am for all services, other than new service. New Service for water is from 7:00am-4:00pm Monday - Thursday. 

New Account Content

New Account Information

All applicants are required to come into our Office at 4302 12th Street to apply for new service.

Homeowners requirements include:

Closing papers w/Lot, & Block No.

 $175.00 Cash, Ck.,or M.O., No Credit Cards = Deposit

Current TX Drivers License or US Photo ID

Renters requirements:

Signed Lease Agreement

$175 Cash, Ck.,or M.O., No Credit Cards = Deposit

Current TX Drivers License or US Photo ID

*Hours for New Service = Monday thru Thursday. 7:00am to 11:00am,  12:00pm to 4:00pm.  Water will be turned on the same day if time available. After 2:30 water will be turned on the next business day.

The bill includes water, sewer, fire, street lights, & trash (starting 2/1/16)

Meters are read on about the 10th of month. We are one month behind in our billing. Bills are mailed out at the end of month .

Payment is due, on receipt of bill, the bill is past due after the 10th of mo. and a 10% penalty is added. If payment is not received by 19th on the 20th at 7:00 a.m. a SERVICE FEE of $20 will be added to bill.If water service is disconnected there will be an additional $20 disconnect fee added to your bill.

Only cash,cks, m.o. or credit card by phone only 281-377-9010 are accepted.

Returned checks are charged $25 NSF Fee. 

Service re-connected after hours will have $20 after hrs. fee.

Should a lock become necessary, there will be an additional fee of $35. 

A Service Agreement must be signed at time of new service.

Closing Your Account

To close your account, please call 281-339-1634 or come by our Office 4302 12th Street to request that your account be terminated.

Information required: forwarding address for final bill or refund check, current daytime phone # and the date you desire service to end.


**You cannot use the Online Payment feature on Cut-Off Day or if your water has been dis-connected 

House Address numbers must be Posted & Visible From the Street